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As the door opened and you called in, her brows wrinkled with appreciation. And before even saying a word, you saw that her eyes said, “Thank you.”

We all know that look of relief and happiness when our elderly loved ones get a visit. It might be from you, it might be from their friend, it might be from seeing their grandchild, but we all know that look.

Unfortunately, loneliness and isolation are too often the companions of seniors as they age in the US. People need people, and research shows, again and again, that companionship and socializing improve longevity and quality of life.

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My mom loves the caregivers that come to the house and work with her. She's made friends with them, they sit and talk to each other. Having some socializing is really important to her at 94 years old.

Carol Small

Durham Client
I like the process you have, helping me get dressed, getting my breakfast-little things like that. And some days I help-1 might want something else different, and I fix it up with them. I don't know what I would do without them.

Inez Rogers


What we mean
by companionship.

Our caregivers aren’t only trained and certified, but we specifically look for people who feel a calling to serve our elders. We only bring on people who truly enjoy the work they do. We’re the only home care agency that so highly prioritizes that quality and character in our hiring process. That’s why our clients speak so highly of the quality of our caregivers’ companionship services.

Companionship can include :

  • Someone to join on walks to promote a more active lifestyle
  • Picking up groceries, medicine, and other household necessities
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Someone to accompany them or drive them on errands
  • A conversation partner for reminiscing and sharing stories
  • A hobby assistant
  • A helping hand in the garden
  • A drive and assistance to an exercise class
  • Someone to accompany them to arts classes or community centers
  • A partner for games and pastimes such as playing cards, board games, or chess

To us, a companion isn't just someone being there, a companion is a trusted and present friend who sparks happiness for your loved ones—and offers genuine peace of mind for you.